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MORRISON, Glenn & HUMAN ADAMS : Siesta [12"]


MORRISON, Glenn & HUMAN ADAMS : Siesta [12

After a short hiatus Bighouse Recordings is back with a fantastic release from super hot Canadian talent Glenn Morrison and his frequent studio partner Human Adams. On remix duties is the legendary Bruce Aisher in his Gutterstylz guise.

LEMON, Harry : Rise [12"]


LEMON, Harry : Rise [12

Harry Lemon has had quite a journey since his ‘Bells Of Revolution’ put him on the map way back in 1995. His sound has matured nicely as his work as Lemon8 found its way onto Bedrock in 2002, as his style started to twist its way into a hybrid of progressive ideas and driving club grooves. And that’s where we find Harry today with his latest release, ‘Rise’.   

JOHNSON, Marc & NICK SENTIENCE : Be Strong [12"]


JOHNSON, Marc & NICK SENTIENCE : Be Strong [12

Marc Johnson has joined forces with Nick Sentience for ‘Be Strong’ and ‘Loud Music’, two first class destroyers for harder dancefloors on the legendary, now resurrected Tripoli Trax label.

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