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DIGGLER, D : Decade One (part 3) [12"]


DIGGLER, D : Decade One (part 3) [12

With dozens of superb releases on exquisite labels like RaumMusik, Resopal Schallware, Cocoon Records and Punkt Music, D Diggler is considered to be one of the most important producers of second-generation dub tech in Germany. This EP holds four tracks taken from his new album.

EYERER, Martin & NAMITO : Feuersee [12"]


EYERER, Martin & NAMITO : Feuersee [12

Dynamic duo Martin Eyerer and Namito are back on Great Stuff with a follow up to their last year’s ‘Quipa’. ‘Feuersee’ is destined for great things with its awesome combination of catchy melody and roaring, deep bass.

MAY, Steve : Sublimate [12"]


MAY, Steve : Sublimate [12

For the fifth Coldharbour release Markus Schulz has selected one of his favourite tunes over the last couple of months for a full release. ‘Sublimate’ is a deep and dark, yet melodic track. Excactly the kind of stuff you have come to expect from this fantastic label.    

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